Buying and Selling in Calgary in the Fall

Summer is (finally!) here, but soon warm, summer days will turn to crisp, fall nights. Leaves won’t be the only things falling; housing inventory will also start to decline. Does that mean you shouldn’t consider buying or selling? Of course not! Each season brings its strengths, and Calgary is a desirable place to live – especially right now. 

While housing inventory may not be as plentiful in the fall as it is in the spring, this reality can actually be a benefit to both buyers and sellers alike. As a buyer, there are fewer properties to be bombarded by; it’s easier to keep track of available inventory, which can help buyers to be more discerning. Further, according to the Canadian Real Estate Association, housing prices are expected to continue to fall in Alberta in 2019, which could mean more money in buyers’ pockets.

So does that mean autumn is a poor time for Calgarians to sell? Not necessarily! For many buyers, fall is a more attractive season to sell (or move!) than winter, making homes listed in the autumn an appealing option. And for some buyers, corporate moves can bring housing moves, which can happen any time of the year. 

Calgary is an attractive city to live in its own right. It is the fourth most livable city in the world (and the most livable city in North America), its labour market is strengthening, and it has the most corporate head offices per capita in all of Canada. Adding to its appeal, Alberta has no provincial sales tax and  as of July 1, 2019, the lowest corporate income tax in Canada, at 11 per cent. (By 2023, the corporate tax will fall to eight per cent.)

Regardless of the time of year, people will always be looking to buy and sell, and Calgary is a fantastic city to live and do business. If you’re looking to move to – or within – the Calgary area and need a mortgage, we would be happy to help!

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