2018 Recap

It’s been a big year for the mortgage and real estate industry and there has been good and bad news in Alberta. But with the bad comes opportunity and we’ve learned a few things that we think are applicable to our clients and community. 

Here’s what we’ve taken away from 2018:

  • Using a broker really is better. Home buyers are choosing to use mortgage brokers more and more every year. With the new rule changes, re-financing and higher rates just brings more business to the banks and less opportunity, education and further growth for clients. 
  • Clients and industry still need to be cognizant of recovery. Alberta is recovering from the recession, but taking the time to plan, stay smart and create goals will still be paramount for anyone thinking of buying a home or making changes to their current mortgage. Stay tuned to our social channels and blog to learn more about smart planning. 
  • We may see an easing of qualifying rules for first time home buyers in 2019. Stay up to date by tuning into our social media channels and reviewing our blogs on this hot topic as well.  

Finally, feel free to call or email us if you need assistance planning for 2019. We are always happy to help and support you and your family!

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